Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They took our what??

I live in a neighborhood where I've been fortunate enough to return home from a day away, having left the garage door open and the house unlocked, to find nothing disturbed. No one has stolen bikes from the garage, nor cleaned out the belongings from my house.
Imaging my surprise to find that the halloween pumpkins that my kids picked out were missing
from my front porch. Someone took our pumpkins!
Note, they didn't take the cooler that was drying out from the XC meet we attended.
They didn't take my bulbs that have been sitting there for over a year. They didn't take my metal witch standing watch over the soon--to-come trick or treaters.
They took my kids' pumpkins. How sad.
Note: my kids pumpkins were orange, but I photographed these cool looking ones at the place we picked our pumpkins up from. they look snow-kissed and kinda pretty. enjoy. I think I'm going to make pumpkin bread later today.
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