Thursday, March 3, 2011

Team work

I believe most people recognize good teamwork when it happens.  What is involved?  Good team members, good leadership, clear communication, understood and common goals, and practice trying to get there.  Most good teams have pre and post meetings surrounding important events.

When teams have dissent, unclear communication and unclear goals, then chaos reins.  Decisions by leaders will be questioned because the decisions were not made through a team process and members of the team will question every decision made when done without input.
I currently work where we do not reliably have good teamwork. Leaders have pulled themselves from discussions with the team members, decisions are questioned as they appear to go against the standing practice, team members, due to lack of leadership following agreed upon rules, feel free to go their own way.  Everyone is not working well together, to say the least.  I currently hate where I work.  I hate the favoritism, I hate the lack of communication, I hate the "us vs  them" feeling, the secretiveness, and the general flavor of the place.