Friday, October 1, 2010


Who would have thought that I would have such close contact with methicillin resistant staph. Aureus? I am a nurse. I wash my hands. I have taught my family to wash their hands. Despite this, my eldest son is in the hospital with an MRSA infection of his left leg. It started this weekend, Sept. 25, 2010. He had a small wound on his leg which got a tad sore and reddened. By Monday, after treating it with topical antibiotics and warm compresses, it was the size of a 50 cent piece. This is when I called his doctor on Monday morning. By 5 pm, the time of his appointment, the redness was the size of a man's hand. He was started on antibiotics that evening. Despite the antibiotics, the wound got worse. By Wednesday morning it was red, warm, and growing. It was draining pus. My pediatrician had me take him to the emergency room of the Children's hospital. There he got the wound incised and drained. He had lab work drawn, an IV started, and IV antibiotics started.

Despite this aggressive treatment, the infection continues to grow. It is irregularly shaped, but wraps his thigh about 3/4 ths around. It extended 22cm wide by 32 cm long in the ER. I'd say it has grown 2 cm higher and 5 cm farther down below his knee. I think, I hope, the advance is slowing.

Of course, I know the worst. People die from this infection. People lose limbs. People need surgery. That would be Jons next step, surgery to properly clean and drain the infection. I am not sure when that is needed, tho.

I can admit I can scared. I feel helpless. My son doesn't feel I'll and yet he is confined to a small hospital room with me. I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Keep good thoughts. We will get through this.