Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dating Sites - It's a laugh

As several colleagues at work recently were married to their matches from, and since my friend T signed up for another dating site, I thought I'd check them out. I did a profile at eharmony and at match to just see what these services are like.

You'd think during the free period, the sites would bend over backwards to make them seem appealing.  They are not. One spends about 10 min or so filling out a questionaire. Things such as : friends describe me as _______.  When people first notice me they see  that I'm __________.  I wish more people would recognize this about me: _____________________.  One is also asked about religion (NOT!) and if one wants kids.  Another question is regarding how far a diameter in distance one wishes to seek a date. For me the answers are "No" and "30 miles".

Why the fuck am I getting matches from people in Wisconson? Why is my "perfect match" someone who writes about walking with God along His way?  What total fucking idiots!  Is there NO WAY that a match program can't identify that Wisconson (and Huntington Beach, and North Carolina...) is more than 30 miles away.  When I've written that churches are only places filled with the evils of humankind, why does the stupid match system link me to someone who needs to have God in his life? Give me a fucking break.  Maybe these sites work for people who really do want a match and who are willing to sift through all the chaff to get to the few nice grains of wheat.  I'm not there yet. Not by a longshot.

Odd that the person using the service can't rate the importance of various "must haves".  My god, even one guy's profile talked about his wanting "his guy" to be something special. I get matched with a bisexual (or gay?) person. Can't that be a selection, too??  I've got enough fucking idiots in my life, I don't need to be matched with more!  Oh, and it's not just women who read "Eat, Pray, Love"  One of my matches is currently reading that now. *rolls eyes*

Trust me, I can find idiot guys on my own easily enough. If I were to pay for a service like this, I'd want the damn service to WORK! Oh yes, and spelling does count.  Nothing worse than hearing about "anywhere matrue people hang out."  Dont "matrue" people know how to spell?  How about this description of self, "American African, American Latino, American white, Native American?"  Hmm, Every other ethnicity is capitalized but White.  Maybe that's a subtle message?  Not only is "Eat, Pray, Love" a killer, but so is "The Secret."  Doesn't anyone remember reading "the Emperor's New Clothes" when they were little?

There are so many things that are laughable.  Take this person's profile picture:  he's an okay looking guy, but why the heck put a dumpster in one's profile picture. It makes one only think the logical thought.. he's trash!  Sheesh.

This started out as a short post. Really it did. I just keep looking at my matches and the material kept coming.

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