Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm stupid and an idiot.

You'd think after almost 50 years, I'd be more intuitive and insightful. Nope. I still have to be hit over the head with things to notice them, or appreciate them.

Case in point, I now realize that T was wanting company, MY company, when going to a double feature drive in. I read the comment as him wanting a date, just someone, and specifically NOT me, to accompany him. Naturally, I felt rejected. I totally misunderstood what he was saying. I'm an idiot. I have a tendancy to not feel wanted. It's crummy and I need to work on that, but there you go. It's part of my baggage. How come *this* baggage isn't so easily lost at the airport?

That said, there is no one I'd rather go see a double feature with than T.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


2009 July

Yep. That's my thumb, missing the tip. At first I thought I just cut my thumb, but I took off the entire tip. Thankfully, it's not deep, but it sure stung like a m-f and it bled. After 90 min and it was still bleeding, T took me to the urgent care center.

I have to say, the urgent care center was great. Before I finished registering a person was waiting to take me to an exam room. As soon as I was weighed and "vitalized" she had me soaking my finger in a cleaning solutions. As T said, "you know they are going to make you cry again?" It did bring tears to my eyes. A few more minutes and a doctor examined my finger, which was now not bleeding so much. A few more minutes and I had gelfoam and a compression dressing on the finger and I was done. I'm curious what this event will cost me, but it was worth it. I do feel badly that T lost an afternoon's worth of work due to this, though.

BTW, it's healing well. About half closed at 10 days.