Friday, August 24, 2012

And I thought childbirth was hard

Dropping off a student at college is crazy hard.
Hard, as in the hardest thing I've done. Sad knowing that I will not be witness to the growth that will be made over the next few years. Knowing that his contact with me will be because he wants money and not because he wants mom..
Hard, in that he can tell his girlfriend of 2 months that he loves her and yet I've never heard these words from him.
Damn, it's difficult to say goodbye to someone who is so loved.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What a difference!
The male I dated a few years ago, who is now married after dumping me via text, is so night and day different from the man I am currently dating. TS used to complain how women only wanted him to help pay the bills.  He'd complain that women wanted a paycheck to help pay the college bills and that women always expected men to pay.  As such, I found myself trying to prove him wrong.  I'd pay for things more often than necessary. I was generous with gifts.  I bought him a washer and drier for his new house. I also had to ask him for a thank you, as he didn't offer one on his own.

Fast forward a few years.  I am dating a man who wants to be with me. He wants to help me around the house, as he sees how hard I work around the clock.  He wants to help me in every way possible.  When I told him my son has chosen the University he is attending next school year as a freshman, he even said he was looking forward to helping me pay for my son's education.  Holy Crap! Is my guy for real? Does he WANT to help me pay for college?  I never asked him to do this and it's just blown me away.

Sure, I know I shouldn't compare apples to oranges, but the difference is just so darn huge.  I wanted to say how much I appreciate my new guy and the things he freely is giving to me, without me having to prove myself or my motives.  And without asking.  He's amazing.