Tuesday, June 23, 2015


i have often thought mental/emotional pain was harder to endure than physical pain. I am now rethinking this belief.
My reasoning was that physical pain is obvious, that it's easily treated, and given that the bearer of this pain would have visable wounds, that sympathy would be easier to come by.
I also had only endured minor physical pain, previously.
Sure, childbirth is painful, but it only lasts 12 hrs or so. Migraines- only a day or two. Broken bones; really only bad for a week.
Sciatica has me begging for mercy.
Maybe if I knew there were an end in sight, I'd do better. Maybe if the pain stabilized and not get worse with each passing week, I'd do better.
As it is, I see no end in sight and it's kicking my butt.
Relafen and flexeril are not miracle drugs. I think I was given placebos. At least I can sleep, which I wasn't doing much of before I saw my doctor. I just want relief from this incessant pain.