Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I feel amazingly good

Dad was here for a month. He's definitely aged in the past year. Congestive heart failure is my guess, though he doesn't even know why the doctor put him on pills that make him pee all the time and "something" for his heart.

My divorce is now final. David is a good man, just not for me. I'm excited to get my life back, but also that I think this arrangement will work. He's looking for a woman to date, via Match.com. Good luck to him.

My oldest son is 16 today. He amazes me. He's caring, smart, attractive, and thoughtful. His dad didn't get him a birthday gift (that either of us knew about, at least), so I felt a bit sorry for him. Jon was okay, though. He said that his Christmas presents were expensive and I did get him some new shorts yesterday, so Jon's considering those as gifts, too. He got an electric razor from me. He also preferred a home-made cake to store bought. Triple lemon! It was good, too.

Life goes on. I'm not as pissed at other things, too. I know I'm very special and I bring much to the table. I can't make anyone appreciate me, but I do appreciate myself, very much. Thanks Elis for what you told me about how you saw a future partner. I needed to hear that it is a reasonable request for myself.

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