Thursday, January 7, 2010

And so it goes

The saying is "what goes around comes around", so I've heard. I'm not sure I believe this, and yet I wonder.

I've often wondered if I can break the habits learned over my lifetime. I was at dinner, talking about my Master's degree which is now just 2 courses away. My sister and dad were talking about the program and what it's like to take an online class. The next day we are eating out. The server isn't very good. She serves food, but there are no eating implements. We have to ask for water three times. Dad makes the comment that she must have been taking an online course, but didn't yet finish the program for waitressing. I sort of shake my head. Dad, I say, are you insulting my degree? You do realize that what you just said, implies that an online degree is worthless.

I notice, members of my family don't apologize readily. I've also noticed how little people actually listen to what others have to say. I've been trying to listen, and I think I've finally gotten a few messages loud and clear. I'm glad now of the things I have learned. Hind-site is indeed 20/20.

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