Thursday, November 26, 2009


I could do the standard list of this for which I am thankful: my health, my good fortune to have been born in SF, my education, my two delightful sons, my job, my parents, etc.  Of course, I am thankful for that.
I'm now also thankful that T is being such an un-friend that leaving him behind is easier.  He barely holds a conversation with me, he leaves questions asked unanswered, he says he will do things and doesn't (like the yogurt container tops and the 13 mirrors scan), he leaves conversations mid-stream and logs off without saying a good night.  Formerly when asked about giving *hugs*, he responded with, "it's just a hug" and yet I haven't gotten one in a month.  What the heck happened?  I'm noticing that he's not even a friend anymore.  A friend would say that he's happy my son did well.  A friend would want to see my new glasses.  A friend would bother to say g'night.  A friend would say Good job! when seeing how my jeans fit now.  A friend would return my stuff to me, like my DVD and bathrobe.  If you think its possible to be friends, T, then act like one.

1 pm update: Well, nice surprise. T called and we had a nice conversation.  I'm pleased, as the things that I liked about him are still there and I would enjoy him as a friend.

Also: got our contractor contract! I need to read it and sign, but *finally* progress!!
And!! I got a great comment on my final project in the last class. The instructor even said "wow!". I was very honored.

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