Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sex Toys

Okay, so I have a few. They help keep me sane in my days and nights of singleness. One's been getting more action than others lately; a gel, pink dildo. I looked for it last night in its normal hiding place under my bed; out of sight of peering son's eyes. IT'S NOT THERE! I actually get on the floor and look. Nope, no sign. I check the bathroom cause maybe, just maybe I tossed it into my cabinet after I washed it and the kids were coming home from school. Nope, not there either. How the hell can a dildo get lost? It's not like I travel with it everywhere, and it's not like I don't know where it's been. I don't use it anywhere but there, in my room. How the hell can a sex toy just up and disappear?

I'm sure curious to find out where it will turn up!

Addendum: Found it! Under the bed, just like it should be. I swear it was not there when I was looking for it that evening. At least my "intimate friend" has been found.

I have to laugh. A woman friend I've been working on a project with came by to pick up the part I've completed so far. I put the work in a "Good Vibrations" paper shopping bag.

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