Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is the 21st century, right?

I just want to be sure, because I keep getting notions that we are in the stuck in some previous century at work.  On the one hand, our managers prefer to communicate with staff via email, as each side has a record of what has been communicated.  Sounds good, I think.  So, this week I snapped a few photos from my phone and sent an email to my time card worker, to show I had still been on jury duty.  I attached them to an email, written from my employer's email servers, to an employee also on the same servers.

I get a note back telling me I won't be paid because she couldn't open my attachments.  My god, they were just .jpg files!  I referred to my sent mail folder and verified. Yep, they are there, easy to read and everything. No problem. I suggested this worker call the help desk to help her open files that she doesn't know how to open.  Her response to me is that it was my responsibility to get the documentation to her in a legible format. I say I did. She says I should have faxed it to her.  How? I do not own a fax machine.  I mean, we are in 2010 and fax machines are so rarely used. I feel almost as if I were asked to use a rotary dial phone!  I need to find out if there is an app that will convert .jpg files to .pdf files on my phone. 

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