Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beauty and assorted fun things

Walking to Berkeley Bowl East was a fun little adventure the other day.  While searching for a now closed cafe for breakfast, my friend and I came across an ad hoc art exhibit.  It was probably done by a homeless person, but why can't someone without a home be without art?  It was a sweet little exhibit and added a bit of cheer to an otherwise dreary ventilation grating.

Other news is also very exciting. My son, who is just starting his junior year in high school, just got his very first recruitment letter from an university.  It happened to be Washington University in St. Louis and it remarked on his remarkable academic achievements.  I sure hope he gets a selection of colleges from which to choose.  I would love for him to find a college that really suits him and isn't chosen as it's the only place that his family can afford.  I am so very proud of him!

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