Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mean People Suck

We all know the adage, "Mean people suck." What sucks worse is people who are your friends who also suck. I don't expect friends to rant on me when an emergency has happened and I had to close a conversation more quickly than desired. I don't expect friends to ignore my good wishes. There is a lot I do not expect from friends.

I also know that good people bring far more comfort to the world, my world, with much gratitude on my part. Some people are stunning with their grace, their tact, and their attitude.

I also know that I can highly recommend Pro Flowers( I was sent a dozen roses recently (13 days ago). Roses aren't known for being long lasting, but these are still in their vase, looking quite good. The flowers were well packaged, with the stems soaked in saturated florist's foam. I just cut the stems down a bit, added flower food to the water in the enclosed vase, and arranged the flowers.  You can see what they looked like after 10 days.  I'm impressed by this company and the quality of their flowers.

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