Monday, March 15, 2010

The box

Yay! I finally got it. So I thanked the guy.  This man is so friggin self-centered, he doesn't even know how to salvage anything.  Here's the messages:
Tsigeyusv: : I received the box. Thank you.
The guy: It's there already? Impressive.
The guy: : I forgot to put yogurt tops in. Only a half dozen anyway, and I'm sure it's not a life-threatening mistake.
Tsigeyusv:: No, not life threatening, yet :) but they would be handy
Tsigeyusv:: unfortunately, the pins opened in transport and were attacking as I opened the box
The guy: noooo!
The guy: : OMG I never anticipated that. It did occur to me that I should have put the small things in a bag...after I sent it.
The guy: I don't do a lot of shipping.
Tsigeyusv: heh, so you've said.   I'm glad to have gotten it... not getting it made me feel very trivial and unimportant
The guy:: I understand. Well, I mean I guess I really don't but intellectually I do. You know. :)
Tsigeyusv:: Well, think about it. A /good/ friend asks you for something.  It doesn't happen.  A request is made again and it doesn't happen. A third and 4th request are made... at which time the "friend" wonders if its worth asking about anyway.  It's just stuff, but it was important to me
The guy: I did say that intellectually I do.
Tsigeyusv:  but you really don't (also stated)
The guy: well, I suppose I did. I guess I should be more careful with verbs that have multiple meanings. :)

Whatever happened to, "I'm sorry it took so long"  or "I didn't mean to trivialize you!"  Whatever. Over the last 4 months I've learned that I need to be with a person who 1) respects me and 2) actually cares about me.

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