Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The waiting game

Hospitals, these days, try. When a loved one is having a procedure done, there is now an electronic patient tracking board, which lets the people waiting know just where the patient is at all times. The board is limited to display 25 patients, in alphabetical order. Unfortunately, there are about 30 patients that need to be listed, and, of course, my family name is at the end of the alphabet.

I've been waiting patiently. I went to my local cafe to have some toast and a coffee while I waited. I was told the procedure would take less than 30 min. I arrived at the cafe before 11 am, and left at 12:15. No call. No ability to see where Mom is on the electronic board. I had to wait to ask for assistance. Please, can you just scroll down on the e-board, so I can see if my mom's procedure is completed?

They can't just tell me, they need to call PACU. They tell me it will be at least 30 minutes before she's taken to the surgery day center. I hate waiting. I was going to take a new photo today with the webcam, as the lighting in the waiting area is very nice. I'm sitting by a window, with filtered light from the plantings outside. I look like a wreck. As if I didn't sleep. No shit.

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