Saturday, December 19, 2009


I went to a Kairos Choral event last week. The theme was about angels. One part of the production, the kids passed out baskets that hand "angel words" on them. The word was to be your theme for the day. Mine was *acceptance*. Yes, I do need to work on that. Some things, though, I just don't want to accept. I want to know that friendships actually mean something, that people aren't disposable, that good deeds will eventually bring their own rewards.

I do accept that people move on, that not everyone's thoughts will mesh at all times, but I prefer to maintain the hope and expectation that people can talk to each other to gain understanding and that not much is solved by silence.

Do I choose to accept no healthcare for all? Do I choose to accept that people are still going to war? Do I choose to accept the things that shouldn't be accepted? No, I choose to change what I can, bit by bit. As they say, even water will eventually wear away stone.

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