Wednesday, September 23, 2009

more on love

Yeah, I've been thinking about this a lot. No, I don't want things to be forced in love, and yet when I think about life in general, how many things must we force every day?  Currently, I hate my job. I love what I do, but I hate doing it.  Too many people not getting the work they need, so many little fights about what can be said, by whom, and when, and always tired. Juggling being a mom, work, and school is tough. Far tougher than I ever imagined, but I will persevere. I want my kids to know hard work is worth it and that it is possible to succeed in multiple responsibilities at one time. I force myself to do my  reading and writing for school, putting off simple pleasures to get that chore done. I force myself to go to the gym because I want to be proud of who I see in the mirror. These are all worth-while things to force.
It's my opinion that sometimes the things we force are worth it, because in the end, we gain so much from doing them. We learn new appreciation for things when we need to work for them. In love, there will inevitably be dead spots. We can't possibly be "on" all the time. One has to evaluate whether or not the relationship is worth the effort to get through the dull spots. I know damn well I'm worth working through a dull spot or two. I'm a smart, sexy, loyal, and honest woman who isn't afraid of a bit of hard work.  It's sad to think that isn't "all that".

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