Sunday, August 2, 2009


Not sure how else to explain it.. I'm feeling very overwhelmed. Mom fell down a flight of stairs last weekend. Spent 8 hrs in the emergency department. I spent 8 hrs with here there, too. On first glance, mom's okay, but she's not. Not really. Her heart went back into an atrial flutter. Her cardiologist (in one of the 3 medical appointments I took her to this week) tried to eliminate it by using her pacemaker, but the flutter is a persistent little bugger. Earlier in the month her physician changed her medication, as the flutter was present then, too. Given that she's fallen more (4 times this week alone), she needs to change something in her life and soon.

She won't move downstairs.. yet.
She's having an external cardioversion on Tuesday. Ann, my work partner, is picking up that day of work for me. This helps her out, too, as she needs the hours of work.
She needs to decide on whether or not to continue with plans for her knee replacement. She's not walking much these days due to her back pain, and her back doctor can't fix that.
I want her to see a pain specialist. We'll see if we can't get that done this week.
She's mixing up her medications, too. I'm concerned she's overdosing on some things and underdosing on others. Lynn is going to help her with her medications.

Most of all, I can't complain. Especially not to mom. She's been feeling like a burden to me and Lynn. She's been crying. She's been having nightmares about her own mother, too. I'm not sure I can do this.. juggling school and work and home and the remodelling. Thankfully the divorce paperwork is done and filed. January 17th is the day I am single again. I'm pondering all this stuff about mom and what I need to get done (Like pay July bills, and its August 2nd already!), but I have a school paper due tomorrow and a PPC meeting from 3:30-7pm, and my son's 13th birthday, and a pesto lasagana we wants me to cook for him, and mom's 8:30 am pre-procedure tests and 8 hrs of work. Oh, and a hair coloring. I need that tomorrow like I need a hole in my head, but when else can I get it done?

I'm stressed and can't concentrate. I figure if I blab all this out now, in print, I can shove it out of my brain for a few hours and get to work on the paper. I got the Costco run done. Kids have school supplies, Ben has his favorite chocolate cake, and I have my beer. Life is good for the next few hours.

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  1. It does get overwhelming. But somehow it all gets done in the long run. At least you have your sister to help, and she's there at the house.
    And there is always Cesar's when the going gets really tough...


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