Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Bah. I have a manager. I love her as a person. She was never trained to be a manager, and she's not the best at it. I don't blame her. Who wants to discipline adults? Kids are hard enough to discipline and adults are 5 times the size of a kid. As such, work is a bit in disarray. People wear hand jewelry to work (not allowed due to risk of infection being passed around via fomites), people aren't being accountable for doing the work that should be done.

With the downturn in the economy and a low census (but very high acuity) the productivity at work is sucking. As such, cuts need to be made. I'm one of those cuts. I'll still have a job, but it changes my life, my work hours, the quality of life. I'll get through it, but I really hate the way my manager passed on the information.

Group email stating, essentially, that all "project time" was being suspended for 2 months. Okay, she qualified it, saying *most* project time was being cancelled. I'm paid through project time, so of course I'm thinking that I'm not to work any. I email her asking permission to finish up some current projects before the project time is on furlough, due to STATE deadlines. Her answer back was trite and condescening (in my opinion). She said, of course she knew that there were things that *must* be done, but that she needs to cut back the hours by 4 days every two weeks. My partner and I have been doing this work in 12 days every two weeks, so now we need to make due with just 8 days between us. A 25% cutback, without a decrease in work over the years. In fact, we are doing far more than we did when the job started with the two of us in 2000. She should have sent a personal email letting us know of the need to cut back, and by how much, rather than a mass email stating that it all would be cut. She's to let me know a time to meet on Thursday, "ASAP" although two work days later and I've not heard a time. I guess she will pull a meeting on us in surprise. As I said, "Bah!"

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