Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's Friday the 13th. I have 13 posts here on blogger, so far. My boyfriend plays for 13 Mirrors (band). Since all of these things are a bit in common, I thought it was time to write something here.

Superstition. I don't find myself particularly superstitious, but I do follow certain rituals. If I see a penny on the ground, it's hard for me to not pick it up. If I give a knife as a gift, I ask for a small payment in return (German superstition that a knife, if not purchased, will only serve to sever the ties of friendship). I've been known to pick petals off of daisies, to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks, and to say "squeeze that lemon" when running a yellow light (not sure if that counts as a superstition, but I learned that squeezing lemons is okay, but don't smash tomatoes (red lights)). I don't honestly think that leaving a penny on the sidewalk is a bad thing, its just become such a habit, that it's kinda fun to keep finding them, even though I'm well out of my childhood. I'm curious what others' superstitions are?

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