Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What a difference!
The male I dated a few years ago, who is now married after dumping me via text, is so night and day different from the man I am currently dating. TS used to complain how women only wanted him to help pay the bills.  He'd complain that women wanted a paycheck to help pay the college bills and that women always expected men to pay.  As such, I found myself trying to prove him wrong.  I'd pay for things more often than necessary. I was generous with gifts.  I bought him a washer and drier for his new house. I also had to ask him for a thank you, as he didn't offer one on his own.

Fast forward a few years.  I am dating a man who wants to be with me. He wants to help me around the house, as he sees how hard I work around the clock.  He wants to help me in every way possible.  When I told him my son has chosen the University he is attending next school year as a freshman, he even said he was looking forward to helping me pay for my son's education.  Holy Crap! Is my guy for real? Does he WANT to help me pay for college?  I never asked him to do this and it's just blown me away.

Sure, I know I shouldn't compare apples to oranges, but the difference is just so darn huge.  I wanted to say how much I appreciate my new guy and the things he freely is giving to me, without me having to prove myself or my motives.  And without asking.  He's amazing.

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