Monday, October 17, 2011

Men are Pigs

Written towards the end of my month of flights.
I’ve been on 16 flights over the last 3 weeks.  I’ve noticed I don’t mind sitting next to a female stranger, but male strangers definitely make sharing space harder.  Why?
  • Men sit with their legs spread; pretty much taking up as much room as they can.  Personally, I do not like my own legs to be pressed together, being forced to have a stranger’s leg pressed against my own, with him in MY SPACE
  • Men believe they own the arm rest.  Again, I don’t want some stranger’s sweaty arm resting along mine for an entire flight.

Yes, I know most men are physically larger than most women, but I have shared my arm rest with some pretty large women and I have never had a large woman rest her arm or leg against mine for an entire trip.  Men, wise up.  You are sharing very tight quarters in modern airplanes. Don’t take up more than your share!

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