Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuesday, continued.

I had trouble with that last post and at 4:15 am, I couldn't figure out the issue.
Mom's still in the hospital.  This is a continuation of those writings.
I speak with the nurse, who had just taken over. It's not a normal shift change, so I figure its a short staffed situation. Meagan doesn't know much. Moms been sleeping. She thinks mom had breakfast. I let her know about needing to not move things and let her know I'll call later. About an hour later, Lynn calls. Moms demanding a Safeway roast beef sandwich. Lynn refuses. I get a call and email about this.  I call the nurse again. I let her know mom is asking for food. She lets me know lunch was pot roast and potatoes and that mom has a sandwich ordered for dinner.
Today is when dad arrives. I take off to the airport. I use the time to call mom. For a woman who hasn't eaten in days, she sure can bitch about how bad the food is. Mom swears she heard my voice this am. She knows I was at the hospital, but wouldn't see her. I let her know I was home all day and that I was not there; that I called the nurse and spoke with her, but that I was not there.
She's met with a nutritionist (I know you and Lynn did this to me). She worked with a PT, who didn't like how she walked. Mom talks about not walking much even when she was "good, so she thinks she'll never be allowed home. She tells me she can't talk more. She's crying when she hangs up.
I call the nurse again. She confirms that mom may be discharged tomorrow. She assures me that the case worker will talk to us first.
I can't sleep, worried about mom. Hopefully writing this will help clear my brain and let me sleep.
I worry about paying for care. Mom only has social security. She may have a small nest egg saved up, but not much. Carol and Paul are opening his business. I'm sure they don't have money to spare. I have Jon in college, Ben applying, Morgan without full time work. I can cover my expenses, but not all of Mom's. Lynn, not sure what she can do.  She's cared for mom for 10 years. We'll need to figure this out. Soon.
I keep missing Dr Ross. He's called several times as have I. I feel bad for that, but I've not been free. 

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