Friday, August 6, 2010

I have bad timing

I was finally done with my Master's degree in April, so I schedule a vacation. What happens? Mom schedules her surgery. At least I get to help her around the house, but it's no vacation.

I schedule off time in July and in August. August is ruined first, as my sister needs to travel out of town and *someone* needs to stay nearby to check in on mom. I am someone. July gets ruined as I get a jury duty summons. Actually I had gotten it for January, but I post-poned it 6 months until I was done with school. July comes and it's not just one day. I'm selected for a trial that is expected to continue until Labor Day. Not only does that mess up July's vacation, but also the second week I had scheduled for August. I have a week scheduled for September, so I hope I can enjoy that time, at least!

I may just need to wait until December. Yosemite should be rather nice that time of year. Here's hoping I can last that long.

On the subject of bad timing: a few weeks ago, maybe a few months ago, I slipped off a machine at the gym. It was a machine whereby one rests the elbows on a pad, steps on a "T" bar and lifts the legs into a standing sit up. My feet slipped off the "T" and I hit my tailbone on the bar. It hurt like a m-----f---r for a few minutes, but then I was okay and I finished my workout (without finishing up those stomach exercises). Since I mostly stand for my work, I didn't feel much pain but a general soreness in my pelvis. Now come jury duty and sitting in the viewer section of the court until the jury panel is selected. I was one of the last selected, so I got to sit on those horrible seats for 4 days! I am now aching horribly. I saw my chiropractor today who confirms a left deviation of my coccyx (aka tailbone). Advil just doesn't cut it if one has to sit. Thankfully the judge says I can stand any time!

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