Monday, April 27, 2009

Not so hot

Last week it ran temps in the 90's here. I have no air conditioning and a lot of windows facing west. This means my house was also 90 degrees indoors. I don't do well with heat. One of the days when it was cooler, I walked my sister's dog around Lake Merritt. Took about an hour and 20 min. I ended up hot, sweaty and with a blister on my foot. When I get hot, my skin, which is already sensitive, gets very sensitive. This is a pic of what my underwire did to me. Not only can you see where the underwire rubbed immediately under my breast, but also where the underwire rubbed during the course of the day, sitting and doing work at a desk. When I'm sitting, the curve of my back causes the underwire to rub against my upper abdomen. All I can say is that this was very irritating. A week later I still have a red area about the size of a quarter and that skin still feels a bit raw. I don't do well in heat! I do think, however, I'd do quite fine in Hawaii, on the beach or snorkling in the water.
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